Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Smile is the radiance of a combination of face, eyes and teeth. Will look more perfect if the smile is combined with shining white teeth. But many Indonesian people to ignore their dental health. And many of them are smokers. Lack of public attention on the health of their teeth is something that should not be taken lightly. Because the pain suffered by a person's teeth are usually caused by a lack of awareness for oral health care and dental.

Oral Health Care Tips and Dental :

1. Get used to brushing your teeth after breakfast !

Culture in my country, Indonesia, parents taught us from childhood that brushing our teeth in the shower when take a bath. Actually, these customs are all wrong. The correct timing brushing our teeth is when after breakfast.

2. Rinse in the morning when you wake up

on waking, your mouth it was sour. But that does not mean you should brush your teeth straight at the shower because you can not stand the taste acid. Just rinse it real, if necessary, using special liquid mouthwash products. The right time you brush your teeth in the morning is just after breakfast. So that no food remains stuck, and your mouth feels comfortable when conducting activities.

3. Brush your teeth three times a day

After lunch, you also have to brushing your teeth again, because the food is attached to the teeth should be cleaned. Foods that stick more than 3 hours can cause cavities. Likewise after supper, at night when there was still some stuck food will cause cavities because the rest will be settled at the mouth longer. Make a habit of brushing teeth before bed.

4. Go to the Dentist

Although the three tips above have been done, it would be nice if you also occasionally mouth and teeth checked by a doctor. This is to anticipate if something wrong happen with your teeth.

How to Brush Teeth Properly :

1. Brushing teeth with the brush part in facing the lips / out, start moving from the gums and teeth on down and take it up. This movement is done 8-10 times.
2. Brushing with facing the cheek, brushing your teeth with a play from the gums to the teeth left and right cheek.
3. Brushing teeth and lower jaw with the grub style.
4. Brushing the upper jaw with the brush from top to bottom.
5. Brushing the whle teeth with patient and meticulous.


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