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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What is the cause of boils and how to treat it??

Abscess is an inflammation of the hair follicle area and surrounding skin. The most common cause is a bacteria - usually staphylococcus aureus, because the blisters can also be interpreted as a local infection on the skin. Originally just an infected hair follicle, but because of friction, irritation, and less net body treatment, the infection can spread to surrounding tissue, and become ulcers. Initially the cause can also be due to ingrown hairs, cuts, or the entry of foreign objects into the skin.

Abscess usually begins with red bumps and soft on the skin area, which over time will become harder. Then in the middle of the lump will form a white top - that will break down or be removed by a doctor (through a minor surgical procedure). The liquid that comes out is called pus, containing white blood cells (which sent the body to fight bacteria that infect the skin area), bacteria and proteins.

Boils can also be caused by clogged oil glands, which then become infected. Such ulcers are called 'acne cysts', usually occurs in young skin (teenagers).

Another thing boils called 'hidradenitis suppurativa', caused by local inflammation of the sweat glands. Boils are usually incurred more than one, its location in the armpit or groin area.

And the last is boils called 'pilonidal cyst', usually occurs in the folds of the buttocks. Initially only form of infection in the hair follicle, then added with irritation from pressure from sitting too long, usually when traveling a long time then this abscess is formed.

Place of occurrence of ulcers are common in many areas of the body occurs friction, for example in the armpits and buttocks. The first aid that can be done if the abscess had been seen going to happen, is to immediately compress with hot water (warm), which can increase blood circulation to the area. Treatment is with antibiotic cream or ointment (must be with a doctor's prescription). But if not improved, which has been eyed for ulcers / no white peaks, the doctor will consider to remove the pus. Solid boils, sore eyes and not do a massage because there is no pus that can be issued.

If boils a lot, or there is fever in the body, it must be coupled with drug taking antibiotics. If blisters occur repeatedly, it must be sought underlying factors, namely whether there is diabetes, severe kidney disease, severe disease, immune deficiencies to the person or persons who have aged.


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