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Sunday, February 28, 2010

How To Cheat the Hunger? 20 simple but effective ways

People say: hunger is not a lady. But if it does not fly away, we are well able to help it. For this to your attention the 20 easiest ways.

1. Drink, drink and more drink
Cheat your stomach with fluid. Drink a glass of mineral water with a slice of lemon, tomato juice or a cup of green tea. The liquid will fill your empty stomach and blunt the feeling of hunger.

2. Eat in silence
Recent studies have proven that when we eat with music, or when watching TV, we are keen and eat more. In addition, we hardly resist the temptation to eat something sweet or fatty.

3. Take a hot bath
It reduces the appetite, relaxes. Increased sweating at the same time helps to get rid of the excess body's excess liquids.

4. Do sports
If you feel that hunger has become unendurable, make a small charge. Exercising distracts you from intrusive thoughts to get to the refrigerator, and burn a few extra calories. In addition, immediately after exercise the appetite is reduced. But do not overdose with the sports, because perhaps then it would be hard to fall asleep.

5. Pay attention to color
It has long been proved that the blue color helps to reduce the appetite. And red, orange and yellow, on the contrary, wakes it up. Therefore, on the special dinner, we recommend that you always wear a blue dress. It is useful to bring home a blue tablecloth and cobalt blue set!

6. Inhale
Aromatherapy can help to temper the appetite. As soon as you feel an urge to unscheduled reception of food, smell a grapefruit rind, light aromatic candles or hold to nose a bottle with any aromatic oil or perfume. Particularly effective are the floral and fruit aromas. Hunger and olfactory centers are close by, so smells help to "hide"the feeling of hunger for a little time.

7. Remind yourself the childhood
Buy a set of children dishes. Eating a lot with a little spoon from small dishes just does not work. So you gradually accustom yourselves to small children portions.The main - not to run for the second portion!

8.Pamper yourselves
Immediately after dinner pamper yourself with a light dessert, such as fruits, lean yogurt, a small piece of dark chocolate. This will lift your mood, and the aftertaste appeared after it helps in dealing with your appetite.

9. Listen to yourself
Listen to the signals of your body: eat when experiencing feelings of hunger and stop as soon as it dissapears. If there is no feelings of hunger, do not go to dinner for company or because it's dinner time.

10. Do not eat additives
During the last meal ever, do not add to a dish of spices and spices, as they increase the appetite, heighten the sense of hunger, even after you ate.

11. Enjoy eating
There is no need to punish yourself, starve and eat the unpalatable food. Leave in your diet a little bit of sweets and fried fatty meat if you like it. Just tell yourself that you have so very little and only once a week. Find tasty recipes and good food - all kinds of seafood and salads with olive oil. Enjoy their cooking.

12. Out of sight
Never hold in a conspicuous place the high-calorie products. It would be better if on the most accessible places you put fruit or vegetables, in fact, if you do not resist them, it would not be so terrible.

13. Have more walk
According to Scottish researchers, walking in the fresh air before a meal reduces the feeling of hunger. The reason is in the saturation with oxygen. If you can not walk, do a few deep breaths and exhale.

14. Sleep enough
U.S. scientists for 15 years, watched the 68 000 patients and found that those who sleep 5-6 hours a day, are more prone to obesity than those who sleep 7-8 hours. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, go to bed early and avoid too heavy dinners. The active phase of digestion prevents the quiet sleep.

15. Think of the steps
Buy a device measuring the number of steps per day (they are built into some models of phones and watches) and write down how many steps you have done for the day. Your goal - to reach a level of 10 000 steps a day, unless, of course, you are not doing active sports.

16.Have a walk before going to bed
This distract you from serious thinking about food. However, fresh air can enhance the appetite. Therefore, choose the time to walk so that after it you could just go to bed.

17. Chew, but not food
Chew some gum. Better if it is without sugar and fruit. The chewing reflex and sweetness in the mouth will cheat your appetite.

18. Smell apple, banana or mint
American dietitians conducted a study on the relationship of aromas and appetite, and found that those who sniff before eating apples, bananas or mint, ultimately eat less and, consequently, it is easier to droppthe excess weight. In testing took part 3000 people.

19. Clean the teeth
Dinner is finished? Immediately go to the bathroom and brush your teeth. Then you do not want to once again have a bite before going to bed. It should work conditioned: after cleaning the teeth, we do not eat.

20. Visualizes
Clearly provide a beautiful and slender, very charming and attractive. Will this woman load up at night? If you have imagination «tight» look in a glossy magazine. The real images of slim beauties certainly will take your appetite.


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