Wednesday, May 12, 2010


You come to a crossroads: one road shows signs - traffic signs, while the other shows are rarely skipped or severe terrain. One way down the hill, the route is not heavy, while others slowly - land uphill. Would you be seduced by the easy route or motivated by the upward path with a beautiful view of the above? Unfortunately most people choose the easy road and consequently we lose our identity as a strong person. Along the way we've become a fat nation in the world, surrounded by chronic fatigue, depression, heart disease and lung, cancer and diabetes. My little advice to fitness for a healthy life, choose the hard way (the road less traveled), because this will change your life.

Which road less traveled? simple, is an active life, a way of life based on regular physical activity and a set of related habits, including healthy food choices, weight control, prevention sterss, free from cigarettes and drugs, moderate alcohol consumption, attention to safety, and prevention of disease. This is the way of individuals who not only leads to health, strength, vitality, but also respect for self and control over your destiny. Set of habits related to health have been proved to be a profound paradox in our society, it is easy to understand but difficult to implement.

Active life is the life that most people lived before humans reached the profit industrial modernization, technological developments, tools that reduce the labor unions, television, and computers. the findings of this extraordinary now allows us to reduce the daily energy expenditure by using the keys, keystroke, and the voice command to meet the demands of life, work and entertainment. Parallel with the decrease in the need to remove enregi is increased consumption of fat, easy, and fast food. Chemists find that we can add hydrogen into the oil vegetable oil to last a long time, using palm and coconut oil are cheap as any other substitute materials, and provide our demands will be fast food and rush. separately, decreased activity and increased food consumption may not be a problem. But, if combined, as in years today, raises the potential for epidemic disease caused by the way we live. fortunately, these habits can be changed. Now depends on your self that will change.


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