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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ADD Your Ad Here Dont Cheat During Diet (Diet TIPS)

1) Don't ever skip breakfast. Eat something: a piece of toast, fruit, etc.

Your body's metabolism rate slows down at night and does not speed up again
until you eat something.If you wait until lunch to eat, that is 4 or more
hours that your body is burning calories at a lower rate. Eat something soon
after you get out of bed and your body will burn calories at a higher rate
until lunch. Also, don't go more than about 5 hours during the day without
eating. That causes you to eat more at meal time. Eat healthy, low-fat snacks
in between meals is you are going to go more than 5 hours without a meal

2) Right after eating a meal, especially dinner, go straight to the bathroom
to brush, floss, and mouthwash so that your mouth is feeling nice and clean-
this makes it less appealing to eat more (especially before

3) If you get hungry you should chew gum. Some people just like to chew
things. Chew gum while preparing meals or making lunch for the next day, to
prevent you from nibbling food while it is right in front of you.

4) I have noticed that if you eat your meals away from the T.V. and other
distracting places that you will enjoy your meal better and will take a
little longer to eat the meal. Also drink at least 2 glasses of water or one
glass of milk during your meal and you will feel fuller causing you to not go
back for seconds.(note: i suggest water, if drinking milk make it skim milk)

5) Weight in pounds multipled by 15 will equal the number of calories per day
to maintain that weight. 500 calories less per day will result in approx 1 lb
weight loss per week; 750 calories = 1 1/2 lbs per week; 1000 calories = 2 lbs
per week. Keep a daily diary of calorie intake. Fat, carbohydrates and protein
will automaticly adjust themselves to stay within alloted calories per day.

6) Keep healthy foods handy like fruit or vegetables in the fridge. Eat only
if hungry.

7) Keep a diary of your eating and your feelings, far away from the kitchen.
Document everything that you eat before you eat it. Describe how you feel
health wise as you progress. Describe how you feel when you cheat your self.

8) Soups are a great meal, they are filling, tasty, and healthy. *Soups may
be a good and filling meal, but healthy is debatable. Just look at the amount
of sodium in the most popular brands. Even the low sodium brands have more
in them than most other types of meals (with half the taste).

9) Never starve yourself, especially before going out to eat (or you will
binge). Never skip meals, you must have some kind of nourishment regularly
or your body's starvation defenses will kick in,lower your metabolism, and
store fat. Use nutritional meal replacements instead of skipping or eating
very low calorie meals.

10) Don't think that just because you are eating low fat/low calorie foods
that you can eat all that you want. The calories still add up and must be
burned off regardless of what kind of food you eat. Balance is key.

11) I would like to pass along a tip that I learned from a dietorganization whose overpaid legal team I just
heard from. First thing every morning have two tablespoons of lemon juice in eight ounces of water. The water can be cold or hot or anywhere in between.Of course, you sweeten it with an artificial sweetener. Apparently, citrus is Mother Nature's diuretic, and when drinking so many fluids, it helps keep one from retaining them.At that time, we were taught that "Minute Maid" frozen lemon juice (found in any grocery store's frozen juice department) was the best as it had no preservatives or additives. I still do this every morning that it is at all possible. Sometimes, especially when traveling, one does not wish to make too many rest stops, or the pure unsweetened lemon juice is not readily available. In either case, it's up to the individual.

12) Put on my workout suit (difference from the casual clothes I put on after
arriving home from work) around 8:30 p.m. That motivates and remind me that
after the children are bath and in bed. It's time to treat myself to working
out. And no matter how tired I am having on the workout suit helps.

13) In response to suggestion that you chew gum to relieve the need to chew,I disagree. I have read and been told that chewing gum merely stimulates the gastric juices. The saliva that is produced while chewing goes down to the stomach, thus fooling the stomach into thinking there is food to be digested. In my opinion and others, this merely causes you to be hungrier. I advise people drink a class of water or chew on (fine) ice .

14)(A)The Diabetic Diet is a great, health, easy way to diet. Ask your doctor
what he recommends and chances are it will be this one. It isn't just for
diabetics, but it does keep you HEALTHY while you diet.
(B)To figure out how many calories to have per day, take your target weight
and multiple by 13 if you are not active, 15 if you are moderatly active, and
17 if very active. This will provide you with the correct calories to eat per
day to support the weight you WANT to be. The extra weight will eventually go
away .

15) Just moving around burns calories. Maximize this potential by doing little
things all day. Instead of an elevator, take the stairs or my favorite, get a
long phone cord so that you can pace around while talking.

16) Drink plenty of water, especially cold water (i.e., with ice or from the
refrigerator). The body cannot use the water until it is warmed up to your body
temperature. The colder the water, the more energy the body must use to warm
the water, thus burning more calories.

17) In the line of 'eat slowly' to elaborate--Give your brain a chance to find
out that your stomach has received food. When you eat too fast you may think
you want more food, and the result is often painful.By eating at a calmer
pace, you let the brain know that the body has received food and you are much
less apt to want more; besides, food is to be enjoyed, not snarfed down like
a Vitamin C pill!

18) Eating small portions really does work for weight loss except you still
feel hungry because you see the small portions on your dinner plate. A
suggestion that was given to me was to eat your meals on a sandwich or dessert
plate.If your mind see's a full plate, it will register a full serving and you
don't seem to be as hungry when you're finished.

19) Fiber is excellent for weight loss and healthy too. Not only does it make
you feel full, it encourages bowel evacuation which cleans out your system. I
keep prunes on hand as well as Citricel (look for the fibers that don't en-
courage gas formation) and the health food stores now carry lots of very good
internal cleansers. All these work hand-in-hand with all that H2O you will be
drinking. And we have all read the scarey stuff out about colon cancer.Fiber
is linked with a reduced risk of colon cancer.

20) Here's a tip that the doctor told me: When ever you get cravings for some-
thing that you have no business with while you are on a it, because
if you don't,you`ll probably eat up the whole refrigerator.

21) Here's a partial quote I say to myself when I want to cheat: "Even though
I overeat in private, my excess poundage is there for all the world to see
how foolish I have been." Those words help me not to cheat and help me stick
to my goal of weight loss.

22) I eat because I think it can solve my problems. When I have chocolate, it
cures headaches and mental blocks. When I am depressed, I have ice cream,
when I am angry, eating helps me calm down. After all that eating I get upset.
going to gain weight, then I eat more (try writing this down and stick to the
fridge) .

23) When dining out and the portions are too large, try over salting the extra
before you start eating. I find that it's easier to say no before I have even
taken a bite and no one else at the table has to know my willpower is weak!
Even though I've ruined the food, I'm always glad I did.(*note i would try
pepper...the salt is no good for you if you do give in and eat it)

24) just another quote for ya..Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels

25) when I feel bad about throwing away left-overs, I say "I'd rather waste it
than wear it".

26) Strange HINT* Add the cereal TO the milk instead of adding milk to the
cereal, and just sprinkle about 1/4 of what you think you'll eat, then add
more. WHY? First because its always crunchy then, and second, you'll eat MORE
cereal and less milk.

27) Keep variety in your diet. Make sure that at each meal you have a variety
of temperatures, textures, and flavors. This satisfies all cravings and you
will find that you eat less at each meal and are not hungry for snacks.
(*i cant see how this works but..)

28) Also, a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of tea and a tablespoon of cider
vinegar after every meal helps keep your weight down. It will also make you
sleep well and take away any tiredness. My friends and I have tried it and it
works!(* i suggest the cold water and sleep is good but more than 8hours/day
will slow down the metabolism rate) .

29) Tuna is virtually fat free and is good for any meal (even breakfast).
I've found that tuna can be mixed with any fat free salad dressing or plain
non-fat yogurt and it tastes better than mayo! Experiment with tuna, add
relish, tomato, basil, fat free swiss cheese.

30) I have found that if you have a tendency to snack a lot and have a sweet
tooth, keep some hard candy around instead of cookies and chocolate

31) Another one i do not believe but added...limit your caffine intake to
twice a day because caffine triggers your hunger...(i have never seen evidence
of this)

32) My tip for weight loss is to keep your hands busy. Since I've taken up
needlepoint, I don't feel the need to snack like I used to. Besides, I don't
want to get any food on my work. Even when watching television,I keep my
needlepoint nearby just in case I get the urge to snack. It really works!
(i have seen and heard of this one a few times now)

33) When eating out, order salad dressing to be served seperately, or use
lemon juice as a dressing. This saves many calories.

34) Generally, if I find myself craving ice cream, I know it means I've got a
low-grade thirst. If I drink water instead, the craving for ice cream usually
dissolves, and I don't indulge. Water makes all the difference when I'm
dieting. It chases the "I'm not hungry, I'll just pick" syndrome away and
flushs the system. It's also great for the skin.

35) This may sound silly, but it works for me.I like to go back for secondhelpings,but we know that's not a good idea. I divide my portions in half. I eat my meal, then go back for the other half. This way I can have my seconds without
over indulging!

36) Always eat your vegetables before any other parts of your meal. The bulky
roughage gives you a full feeling in your tummy. And since you are eating
them at the beginning of the meal, when you are most
hungry, you are almost guaranteed to eat them all!

37) The number one thing everyone who has an eating problem should do is-go
to the doctor!

38) Another thing I have found that helps is telling myself and everyone else
that I'm eatinghealthy, not dieting. You'd be amazed at what the word dieting
actually does to your mind! So eat healthy and train yourself to always eat
healthy and lose the weight.

39) (3 to 4 half hour sessions per week of cardio are recommended to speed up
your metabolism.)

40) When watching tv, change the channel or leave the room when those really
tempting commercials come on, like pizza or resteraunt ads!!Especially when
you are feeling hungry. Also watch exercise programs such as ESPN's Body
Shaping or Flex Appeal, they give helpful hints and have enough beautiful
bodies on the show for motivation!(*hey dont forget get up and switch the
channel leave the remote away, it is a good way to trick you to get extra

41) A tip my doctor gave me: Don't drink anything while you are eating. He
told me this will make you have to chew longer, fill you up faster, and make
the meal more satisfying than if you are washing your half-chewed food down
with liquid. I've been eating that way for about a month now and it really
works. I have found that I eat much less but feel as though I've eaten more.

42) DRINK 6-8 GLASSES OF WATER EVERY DAY - washes down metabolized fat

43) Limit your fat intake to 20-50 grams per day.

44) Try using skim or 1% milk.

45) Make yogurt and cheese low-fat.

46) Cut off excess fat from meats concentrate on lean meats.

47) Try to avoid nuts.

48) Eat up to 6 veggies and up to 3 fruits a day.

49) Limit the servings of bread to one per meal.

50) Try avoiding or eliminating sweets.


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