Monday, November 30, 2009



Hemorrhoids or piles are linked with the veins of the anus or rectum inflammation or swelling. You can also call it pilescushions on the inner side of anal canal. It’s quite a painful condition. Medical as well as natural remedies are quite useful for treating or curing piles.

Reasons behind piles are:

• Sometimes among men because of some posture a heavy pressure is exerted at the rectal veins which can trigger the problem.

• In a few cases excessive mental stress as well as physical exercises can also make the situation worse.

• Because of excessive constipation piles may occur.

• It can also occur because of hereditary or sometimes even because of inborn feebleness of the vein walls.

• Such a condition can also occur because of the continuous bowel disorder & obesity.

• Because of the dysentery such ailment can also trigger up.

• Standing or sitting for a long period of time (in one position) can create pressure over your abdomen & it them leads to the hemorrhoids.

• During pregnancy, some hormonal changes can also lead to the hemorrhoids.

Effective ways to get rid of piles:

• Always purchase some soft or wet toilet papers. Make sure that your toilet paper is not containing any alcohol or perfume that can enhance the irritation.

• Use warm water for getting some effective relief from swelling as well as itching. It will also be able to wash the mucus as well as irritation from the affected area.

• People who are suffering from piles should remember not seat for a long period of time, they should take some time off, go for some quick walk or change the position etc. Make sure you are also avoiding the long standing process which can instigate the ailment.

• Constipation can make the situation worse so you need to focus on your diet. Your diet should be comprised off lots of fresh fruits as well as fresh green vegetables. Fiber containing food products can help you to reduce your constipation problem & you should also remember to consume enough water.


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