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Monday, November 30, 2009

Nausea: Some Effective Cures at Home


Nausea can happen because of several reasons, but curing it is quite difficult sometimes. But you have several options vomiting12of effective home remedies, which can give you some quality relief. For serious cases professional guidance is the best option for treating nausea.

• Peppermint or peppermint candies have been identified to be quite useful for curing nausea. For getting the best effect, you need to suck it rather than chew it.

• For treating nausea chamomile tea is also quite beneficial, the taste may not be the same with ginger tea, but it proves to be effective.

• Hot water bath is quite effective to give you some quality relaxation.

• In nausea liquid is released form your body so to fulfill the empty place you need to drink enough water. When you are facing problems of drinking liquids then you need to visit your doctor.

• For reducing your nausea you can also consume honey, you can also mix it with apple cider vinegar or warm water or with ginger ale etc.
• Fresh ginger has been found to be very effective for treating nausea & it’s also quite tasty in hot tea.

• Place your head in a little higher place from your bed. Sometimes nausea happens because of acid problem, this position will keep the acid in your stomach.

• Try to check the pressure in between your thump & forefinger area. When you able to smear the perfect area, it will give you some effective result. This pressure point therapy is useful from long past.


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