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Saturday, August 15, 2009

How To Increase The Muscle On Your Biceps

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How To Increase The Muscle On Your Biceps

By: Dane Fletcher

There are many bodybuilders who would want to increase the size of there biceps. It is almost every bodybuilders dream to increase there biceps. This is because many people consider big biceps as the signature of successful bodybuilding. If you want to get big biceps the tips below will help you achieve your goal.

1. You Need To Have The Right Motivation

If you want to increase the inches of your biceps you need to stay very motivated. Sometimes it could take you some time before you are able to increase even an inch of your biceps. You should however ensure that you do not lose your motivation since this could make you to give up very easily. Sometimes it becomes difficult to notice changes in your biceps.

You should therefore take adequate measures so that you can be able to monitor any increase in your biceps. In order to monitor any growth in your biceps, you should use a tape measure. You need to measure the size of your biceps when you have flexed them and when they are completely relaxed. You need to keep a log of any increase in your biceps as well. If you do not keep an adequate log of your progress you will not be able to stay motivated.

2. Specialize On The Biceps

You need to specialize on the biceps by eating the right nutrients and training the biceps. You need to ensure that you train intensely so that you can be able to increase the tension on your biceps. This will enable you to stimulate them to grow. You need to ensure each session you undertake is very intense. You need to ensure that you use heavy weight when you are training with the biceps. The use of heavy weight will enable you to breakdown the muscles completely which is necessary to facilitate growth. In order to increase your biceps, do not let anyone deceive you into believing that you do not require using very heavy weights in your training.

If you do not work hard so as to overload your muscles, you will not succeed in stimulating your muscles to grow. If you want your biceps to be massive it is a must that you use heavy weights when you are training. For you to manage to increase your biceps you need to go on a diet which will help you feed the muscles. Such a diet should include a high protein and low carbs diet. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles. If you try to build your muscles without eating proteins, it will be the same as trying to build a brick house without bricks. Carbohydrates will be used by your body to fuel the intense training which you need to undertake in order to develop the biceps.

3. Compound Movement Exercises

If you want your biceps to grow at a tremendous rate you need to train using compound movement exercises. These exercises will not only help grow your biceps only but your entire body muscles as well.

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