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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eye care- Tips to rejuvenate your eyes

Be it pollution, stress or examination tension, you have enough reason to be worried about your appearance. After all you don't want to be called 'Queen of dark circles' or Princess puffy eyes'. Fortunately, there are simple remedies to treat your eyes. You don't need to visit a cosmotologist or even a saloon. You can sit at home relax in your easy chair and take care of your eyes.

"The common adice given is to cool and relax one's eyes with slices of cucumber placed over eyelids". A few drops of coconut oil massaged around the eyes helps get rid of dark spots.

When one does not have time for face packs, using an under eye concealer is the best option. A solution of Glycerine and lemon juice applied around the eyes removes dark circles. Also, cotton pads soaked in cold milk and placed around the eyes cools the eyes.

A mixture of safforn and honey applied around the eyes can do good. It is believed washing ones face every night with rosewater refreshes the eye. In order to remove puffiness from the eyelids and also for long eyelashes a thin coat of castor oil can be applied before going to bed. Baggy or puffy eyes can be treated by keeping ice cubes on them.

Most people tend to dose off while reading. However, those who wear contact lenses must ensure that they take them off before sleeping as this could lead to puffy eyes.

Eat Healthy: Green leafy vegetables are a must. Carrot is good for eyes. Ensure that your diet is rich in Vitamins A, B and C.

Drink plenty of water : Your system needs purification.

Use user friendly make up: Make sure you remove your makeup before your retire to bed.

Finally sleep : It is important to get eight hours of sleep. You will feel revitalised and this will reflect in your eyes.


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